CFDLab, founded by Prof. Fabio Inzoli, is part of the Deparment of Energy of Politecnico di Milano since 2001.
The Lab founders' vision of the academic mission range from Education to Research and Technology Transfer. They aim at disseminating and promoting the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics as an instrument to support engineering evaluation, analysis, design, optimization and validation of energy processes, devices and plants. In this view, CFDLab@energy:


  • Promotes MSc and PhD theses on CFD, often realized in close cooperation with national or international industries and laboratories in the energy field.
  • Calls young professionals to join the CFDLab team in order to increase the potential of the group while offering interesting and challenging experiences of applied research.
  • Increases the relationships with worldwide partners to provide potential opportunities and grant a stimulating environment to sustain a constant growth of the team during the years.
  • Provides educational opportunities to international researchers to improve their  competence in the field of applied CFD.


CFDLab offers a complete range of  Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations and analyses for consulting purposes. The mission is to understand the clients' engineering goals and objectives and provide professional advice.