The Chair has promoted and made effective the implementation of a new track on Energy for the Development (MSc in Energy Engineering), created to combine engineering fundamentals with the aim of addressing global problems with an holistic approach by using all the tools necessary to assess economic, environmental and social impacts of any technological solution.
Studies in this plan aim at preparing a professional figure having a broad knowledge in technical and scientific fields, able to operate in the energy sector at a multi-scale level, including the development of specific technologies and the energy analyses of different scenarios for promoting local sustainability and socio-economic growth.
Courses offered at Politecnico di Milano, in cooperation with the Chair


Engineering and Cooperation for Development
(MSc in Energy Engineering)
Energy for sustainable development
(MSc in Environmental and Geomatic Engineering)
PhD school at Politecnico di Milano



PhD school on Renewable energies for unleashing sustainable development in low and middle income economies
PhD school offered in cooperation with UNIDO and with the support of Fondazione Cariplo - 24th - 28th February, 2014