Energy Complexity

Unveiling energy complexity (E. Colombo, P. Leone)
Energy, economy and policy (M. Rocco)
The strange paradox of the world energy question (E.Colombo, P. Leone)
Energy in human and socio-economic sciences (E.Colombo)
Energy geopolitics (E. Colombo)
The Water-Energy-Food Nexus (G. Cassetti)

Energy and Development

Energy as main leverage to development (E. Colombo)
Access to electricity and modern fuels (E. Colombo)
Trend in development models (E. Colombo)
Entrepreneurship training for sustainable development at Polimi (E. Colombo)

Energy Outlooks

Global energy trends (E. Colombo)
Africa energy outlook (E. Colombo)
Outlook for renewable energy (E. Colombo)
Outlook for fossil energy (E. Colombo)
Energy outlook on BRICS