PREparing for a Long-Term Joint EU-AU Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy

Project code: ID-815264
Funded by: European Union, under H2020-EU.3.3.2. - Low-cost, low-carbon energy supply
Geographical context: Africa 
Partners: 2iE (Burkina Faso), AESG (Rwanda), ANER (Senegal), ACU (UK),  CEA (France), DLR-PT (Germany), DST (South Africa), EERA (Europe), IE (Netherlands), JYU/UNIPID (Finland), KINNO (Greece), LGI (France), MESRS (Algeria), NRF (South Africa), NWO (Netherlands), POLIMI (Italy), SU (Kenya)
Period: 2018-2019


PRE-LEAP-RE is a Collaborative Support Action of the DGRTD to which a joint programming will follow. Politecnico di Milano, via the UNESCO Chair research group is the Italian partner within the consortium led by CEA, France.
The project focuses on the definition of a strategic program for renewable energy research and innovation in Africa, which should bring together national funding agencies of EU member states and African States involved in the energy sector. The key idea behind the project is that renewable energy alternatives could play a critical role in expanding access to energy as well as economic growth, global development and environmental preservation in the African continent.
The research pathways should focus not only on the technology perspective, but also on innovative business models, capacity building, financial schemes and regulatory frameworks, bringing together citizens, researchers, funders and private sector. Agendas for research and capacity building will be defined.
In 2020 a joint programming by the same DGRTD will be launched based on the achievement of this proposal.


Further information available in the project official website.