TriNex - Knowledge Triangle Platform
for the Water Energy Food Nexus

Project code: ID-815264
Funded by: European Union, under H2020-EU.3.3.2. - Low-cost, low-carbon energy supply
Target countries: 
Partners: 2iE (Burkina Faso), AESG (Rwanda), ANER (Senegal), ACU (UK),  CEA (France), DLR-PT (Germany), DST (South Africa), EERA (Europe), IE (Netherlands), JYU/UNIPID (Finland), KINNO (Greece), LGI (France), MESRS (Algeria), NRF (South Africa), NWO (Netherlands), POLIMI (Italy), SU (Kenya)
Period: Ongoing


The general objective of the project is to make Water, Energy and Food Nexus (WEF Nexus) the next research, education and innovation frontier for sustainable resource management and development within the framework of green economy in Egypt. The project aims at improving the role of universities in the Egyptian society by developing a national strategy and a university platform to promote the WEF-Nexus and the related synergy between Research, Education and Innovation (Knowledge-Triangle). It started in December 2013 ended in March 2017. After the needs analysis to understand the current status of the perception about the Water – Energy – Food nexus in Egypt, the activities have focused on: 1) the creation of a table of experts and decision makers in Egypt on the topic of WEF Nexus; 2) the creation of coordination units within the Egyptian partner universities; 3) the implementation of Trainings for Egyptian young researchers from the partner universities; 4) the dissemination of the projects results. Last steps included the organization of a PhD Winter School in Egypt bringing international PhD students and the final TriNex International Conference, where policy makers and experts were invited.


Further information available in the project official website.