Monitoring and Evaluation for the ILUMINA Programme

Porject code:  AID 11387
Funded by: Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo (AICS)
Target countries: Mozambique
Partners: AVSI (Italy), COSV (Italy)
Period: 2019 - ongoing


ILUMINA is a rural electrification programme, funded by AICS Mozambique. It encompasses two parallel projects in charge of two Italian NGOs which operates in Zambezia and Cabo Delgado provinces in the north of the country. The general objective of the programme is to improve life standards and resilience of vulnerable population in rural contexts of these two regions by means of access to energy, namely the installation of two mini grids and distribution of solar home systems and improved cooked stoves. The Project undertaken by the research group, in the framework of the Program, aims at monitoring and evaluating the activities of the involved NGOs. The activities have focused on structuring a common logical framework for the two projects along with the definition of appropriate indicators and sources of verifications. The preliminary data have been collected by the implementing NGOs in November 2019 and they have been processed in order to capture a broad overview of the current situation. The final impact evaluation will be performed in a timespan of three years.