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Lorenzo Rinaldi

Lorenzo Rinaldi achieved his master degree in Energy Engineering – Energy for Development at Politecnico di Milano in 2019. During his thesis work, he focused on the development and improvement of a cost and dispatch optimisation model for hybrid microgrids accounting for multi-year electricity demand. Currently, he is a research fellow at UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Development at Politecnico di Milano, SESAM group.
His research activity concentrates on large and small-scale energy solutions planning and modelling along with possible integrations with input output analysis. He is currently working on the “BOA_MA_NHA, Maputo!” project, a study for the integrated development of the area of Maputo province in Mozambique, winner of Polisocial Award 2018 and on the "ILUMINA” programme with AICS Maputo, which aims at improving access to electricity, capacity building and women empowerment in Mozambique.
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